Mission Statement:

The Management of the Dean Group of Hotels strives for excellence in service to customers whilst at the same time providing a safe and productive work environment for staff, which encourages a team effort.

Core Values:

• Innovation
• Providing Quality Products and Service
• Utilising Environmental Practices for a Sustainable Environment
• Developing a Team Orientated Work Environment
• Customer and Employee Focus

Company Synopsis

The Dean Group of Hotels is a family owned and operated group of four hotels, having purchased the London Tavern in January 2001, the Walkers Arms Hotel July 2002, the Largs Pier Hotel November 2004 and the Mac’s Hotel in May 2010.

Company director Timothy Dean has more than 15 years experience in the South Australian hotel trade, having previously owned a number of large hotels and accommodation venues across Adelaide. Group Operations Manager Peter Johnson, who has been with the Dean Group for 12 years, comes from a hotel industry background of some 20 years. Peter manages the day to day operations of the business and has vast experience having worked in and ultimately managed some of Adelaide’s finest pubs and restaurants.

Over 300 staff are employed by the Dean Group and pride themselves that all senior management and departmental heads have been employed for over 3 years. We attribute this to being an employer of choice from within the industry, by paying above award wages and offering superior benefits to continually attract and retain the best in the business ensuring the Dean Group of Hotel’s experience is enjoyable for all.

The company has received a number of awards over the last 4 years with the restoration of the heritage Largs Pier Hotel. Awards include ‘Best Accommodation 2010’, ‘Best Accommodation in Australia 2009’, ‘Best Bar Presentation and Service’ and for ‘Best Gaming Room’. Awards were given by the industry’s AHA (Australian Hotel Association) and were awarded for excellence in facilities and service.



Initiatives undertaken by the Dean Group of Hotels

Controlled Initiatives

• Use of recycled materials for construction where possible also with regards to durability.
• Incorporate renewable energy sources technologies i.e. Solar cells that can be used for electricity or water heating
• Use of natural gas over LPG
• Incorporate water recycling i.e. Grey water systems and rainwater retention locally sourced materials

Passive Initiatives

• Temperature control through appropriate insulation materials
• Natural Ventilation
• Natural Lighting
• Building and its elements appropriate orientation for better results to the mentioned above
• Flat benches to reduce chemical requirements


• Careful water use reducing waste
• Careful energy use reduction waste, control systems
• Selective with consumables- eco friendly and recycled
• Selective with landscaping elements- water consumption, native.